December 2020

Açai Bowls Options | Healthy, Unique, and Crunchy Bowls Online Plates

Açai Bowls Options | Healthy, Unique, and Crunchy Bowls Online

Do you live in New York? Or, is it the first time to visit Park Slope, Brooklyn?  Are you wondering what is the best Açai recipe to order online? If so, there are many reasons you need to consider our online restaurant. Besides, at Bowl and Blade, we offer healthy and unique Açai Bowls. Thus, our Açai Bowls menu would be ideal if you are looking for any of these dieting options.

  • The best food to enjoy with a little less conversation
  • A healthy way of treating yourself
  • The sweetest meals of your dreams
  • A bowl that is a little more crunchy
  • A menu serving blasted with strawberries or blueberries.
  • Açai bowls and plates of tropical paradise


Açai Bowls | Menu Description

There are several surprising food phenomena (like food mashups - ahem, Cronuts). However, with acai bowls — featuring Brazil's superfood – the hype is 100% justified.

The Açai berry is known for various health benefits, but undoubtedly its best asset is its savor. Acai is a tasty tropical fruit, and it makes waking even better if it is eaten as a cup.

Acai bowls feel like ice cream. Also, these menu options taste just like ice cream. Further, they make your breakfast option feel good. That is the thought of breakfast.

An acai bowl can be a very thick smoothie, topped with oatmeal, fruit, or peanut butter, and then waved with a spoon. Breakfast available. You will not only feel relaxed after eating a bowl (for hours) and have fulfilled a delicious craving (no need to ground for a donut), you will also have done something positive for your health.

Açai Bowls Options. Buy Healthy, Unique, and Crunchy Bowls

Menu Options to Order from BowlandBlade

BowlandBlade Park Slope offers some of the most-loved Açai Bowls by New York and Brooklyn residents. Furthermore, our online restaurant with a team of experienced chefs delivers about four Açai Bowls meal options. These delicious recipes include the servings listed below.

Elvis Crunch-ly Açai Bowls

Crunchy elvis crunch-ly Açai Bowls Options

Do you need a creative recipe to have with a little less conversation? Our Elvis Açai Bowls are crunchy meals to order online. It includes peanut butter, honey, banana, toasted peanuts, and granola.

BK Berry Blast Açai Servings

Bk Berry Blast with green fruits Açai Bowls Options

Are you looking for a unique way to treat yourself or your loved ones? If so, then ordering BK Berry Blast Açai Bowls would be a healthy and wise option. Besides, the BK Berry Blast 11 includes many and nutritious components. These ingredients include strawberries, mixed berry puree, blueberries, and granola.

Strawberry Dreamz Açai Bowls

Strawberry Dream 11 Açai Bowls Options

Order our tasty Açai Bowls menus at Bowl and Blade online. For example, Strawberry Dreamz 11 is a perfect match for people who need a sweet plate with various fruits. This menu option comes with strawberries, Nutella Drizzle, bananas, and granola.

Tropic Blunder Bowls

Tropic Blunder Açai Bowls Options

This is yet another healthy, sweet, and unique serving you may order online from your home. Here, the Tropic Blunder 11 menu option is a nutritious plate of tropical paradise.

Packed with mango, granola, pineapple, passion fruit puree, and coconut, it is one of our readily available Açai Bowls for online buyers.

Banana and Peanut Butter | Your Daily Health Partners!

Banana and Peanut Butter | Your Daily Health Partners!

Are you looking for a more nutritious spin on the typical peanut butter and jelly? If so, then our banana and peanut acai bowl can be your perfect menu at Bowl&Blade Park Slope.

Healthy meal substitutions

Is a banana-peanut ingredient switch ideal? Yes, because bananas provide more nutrients per meal than jelly. Also, unlike many other fruits, they have no additional sugar.  

This is to say, a banana and peanut sandwich with the correct kind of bread is a balanced meal. Besides, with our single serving, you get a good dose of protein, fiber, and some minerals and vitamins.

Your fitness partners

A banana smeared with peanut couldn’t be better for a pre-or post-workout snack. Bananas contain fast carbohydrates. A little protein is offered by the peanut butter.  It’s a match made in snack heaven.

Role of peanut in losing weight

A healthy protein source that can encourage the sensation of fullness and contribute to weight loss is peanut butter.

It will also reduce your appetite and allow you to eat minimal calories. That’s going to help you lose weight. The intake of peanuts can also increase your metabolism.

After-a-workout bowl

They feature carbohydrates and potassium, two muscle-friendly, post-workout nutrients. Thus, a mix of the two is a portable snack you can indulge in right after your workout.

You enjoy beetr sleep

Will eating a banana before going to bed actually make you fall asleep? Yes! Yes! The servings are made of relaxing nutrition, tryptophan, which promotes relaxation, magnesium and potassium, and natural muscle relaxants.

Peanut butter and banana | snack for the night!

For supper, fruits and peanut butter are perfect.
This is because bananas contain potassium, which helps calm the muscles. To keep you happy, pair it with peanuts, which is not only tasty but also full of good fats.

Is the mix of peanut butter and banana right for well-being?

A classic mix is peanut butter and banana and with good cause. Not only can the flavors complement each other well, but they have some potential health advantages as well!

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