Açai Bowl Add-Ons

Our Açai Bowl Add-Ons fall under two categories. In this case, the toppings include standard and premium orders.

Let's look at each of them below.

Standard +.50

The standard AÇai Bowl add-ons


Premium +1

Premium AÇai Bowl add-ons and Toppings



Order granola, peanuts, and coconut flakes. Further, we offer chia, pumpkin, and sesame seeds. Find other AÇai Bowl add-ons here.


Order Nutella drizzle and passion fruit puree online. Plus, seasonal and berry puree. Also, honey, strawberry, blueberry, and banana.

Additionally, you may order chocolate shavings. Lastly, we offer almond butter. Find other AÇai Bowl add-ons here.

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