Choose 4 Veggies

Choose 4 Veggies

Here are our menu options for veggies.

Tomatoes, sweet onion, cucumber, mango, black beans, olives, seaweed, and cabbage.
Carrots, celery, papaya, ginger, beets, corn, and chickpeas

Choose 4 Veggies acai brooklyn

Choose 4 Veggies to add color, nutrients, & Flavor to your Bowl

Veggies are beautifully nutritious and give color and flavor to our plates. Find out below why nutritionally Vegetables are so good.

All in all, vegetables tend to be fat, sugar, and energy-low, some fiber and protein-high, such as peas. There is a wide range of plants available. In this case, eating various in your diet will increase your absorption of fiber and protein. Why not try a colorful fry with veggies like broccoli, pepper, and even spinach?


Everyone needs Vegetative Proteins

Protein is an essential ingredient. Are you among those with vegetarian or vegan diets? If so, certain veggies can be a perfect source of protein.

We need different proteins, depending on the reasons. For example, we need these veggies for body weight.

As well, we need protein for the body's development, repair, and maintenance. Protein, too, contributes to muscle development and retains normal bones and muscle fat. The positive thing is that most of us in Brooklyn are consuming protein to fulfill our tastes.

So, why not try our veggies tonight for an increase?


A blast of minerals and vitamins in Green Veggies

Vegetables can contain a wide range of minerals and vitamins, among various vegetables. Thus, it is recommended that we eat a range of foods. This ensures that we consume more vitamins and minerals. For instance, of our main vegetable bowls.

  • Peas and soya beans provide vitamin C, Folate, and thiamine (vitamin B1) nutrients.
  • Sweetcorn and green beans contain nutrients and folate
  • Broccoli includes vitamin C and folate nutrients

All these minerals and vitamins have various body functions. Of these vitamins, the immune and nervous system is affected by vitamin C.

More so, folate improves the immune response and helps with fatigue reduction.

Further, vitamin B1 helps sustain cardiac function and proper digestion. Likewise, the nutrient is vital in the functioning of the nervous system.

Moreover, Iron and calcium are essential minerals. Besides, both have very significant body functions present in certain vegetables. For healthy bones and teeth and proper muscle activity, calcium is of crucial value. Additionally, iron helps in the functioning of cognitive brains, immunity, and oxygen transportation. And tiredness and weakness reduce. To avoid the production of iron deficiency anemia, enough iron is necessary. That's why it's ideal for adolescents and pre-menopausal women.

Were you aware that our soya beans are iron sources?

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Up your consumption of fiber like a Vegan!

In comparison to protein, fiber is something of which we can all strive to consume more. The fiber in veggies is typically insoluble, often referred to as "harvesting." The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), while the US guideline is higher- we must try to eat at least 30 g of fiber per day and set the American reference standard of 25 g dietary fiber a day. Gardens are a perfect way to add more fiber to our diets!

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