Peanut Butter Banana 9

Made from Banana & Peanut Butter!

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Peanut Butter Banana 9

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Our Peanut Banana is a rare food you can order from BowlandBlade Brooklyn. This product features many ingredients. However, our chef a major in Bananas and Peanuts.

But do you think it's OK? Let's check some points on how this bowl can support you.

Why should you order a bowl with peanuts?

Peanut tastes incredible. It's also nutritiously healthy for you in a diet. Besides, your body will be fueled by protein, fiber, and fats. When you use peanut butter for your breakfast, the bowl will keep you going until noon.

Moreover, three macronutrients are made into potato butter (carbohydrate, protein, and fat).

The food gives vitamin E, vitamin B3, and vitamin B6

Why we added bananas

Boost your digestive wellbeing with bananas. Yes, just add them to your diet.

We made it convenient for you at Bowl&Blade Brooklyn. Order our plates rich in bananas.

Bananas include fiber and water. So, they regulate and promote digestion.

A medium-sized banana provides about 10% of the human fibre a day required.

The lack of water and electrolytes will contribute to diarrhea, such as potassium. The bananas will compensate for those nutrients.

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