Thai Salad 9

Our Thai-based Salad. Can you turn your bowl into a wrap? Yes, ... with our nutritious chicken plate.

Thai-based salad with chicken

Thai salad 9 & Maui Style poke 15

Our Thai Salad 9 is an alternative menu product for our Maui Style Poke 15. It includes Pickled papaya and carrots, mint, cilantro, cucumber, mango, fresh lime, purple cabbage, tomatoes, spicy peanut sauce, toasted peanuts, mixed greens.
add smoked tofu 2
oven-roasted chicken 3
raw salmon 6
raw tuna 6

Thai salad 9 Bowl and Blade Brooklyn

Thai foods are ideal Asian bowls featuring rich sources of vitamins and proteins. Wishing to taste our own servings?

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